Earning Rewards Is Easy

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How do you redeem rewards credits?

Here is some useful information on valid receipt pictures to help you maximize your rewards:

What is a Valid Receipt Picture?


Your receipt picture must be clear and readable.  Blurry pictures are not accepted.


Your receipt picture must include:

  • Store name

  • Items purchases

  • Prices

  • Total

  • Date


IMPORTANT: Receipt must have the purchase date and be within 7 days of when it is submitted.


Helpful Tips For Receipt Pictures

One Receipt Only


Submitted picture should include only 1 purchase receipt.

Long Receipts


If you have a long receipt, only
take a picture of the portion
that includes:

  • Store name

  • Items purchased

  • Prices

  • Total

  • Date

No Credit Card Receipts


Credit card receipts that do not list items purchased are not valid receipts.

Mobile App Receipts


Make sure receipt lists all items purchased. If it does not
list a purchase date, please send it on the day the purchase was made.

Earn Rewards Credits For Your E-receipts


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