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Turn Receipts Into Rewards

Earn up to £5 in reward credits for your receipts!

SnapMyEats is an easy to use app where you can earn great rewards just for taking surveys and snapping pictures of receipts from your food and drink purchases. This includes things like a snack or coffee on the go, fast food, restaurant meals, or even just buying a chocolate bar. 

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Earn Great Rewards


You'll earn reward credits just for snapping pictures of receipts from your food and drink purchases. Earn up to £5 in reward credits per month!


Earn a £1 reward credit for every 5 valid receipts you submit per month


Submit 25 valid receipts in a month to earn £5 in reward credits


Redeem your rewards once your balance reaches £10 


Earning Rewards Is Easy

What Others Are Saying

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So easy! Already had my first £5 Amazon voucher, all you have to do is take a pic of your food and drink receipts and answer a couple of questions and you get a fiver each month for doing 15 receipts! 


Start Earning Rewards Today!

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